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Core Supreme

The new Core Supreme by Aqua Lung is a regulator that offers divers a mix of high-end technology at a pocket-friendly price.

Featuring a balanced first and second stage for optimal performance underwater and Aqua Lung's patented Auto Closure Device on the first stage to avoid water ingress, the Core Supreme is a cold water regulator that stands out from the rest.

  • Type : Balanced Diaphragm
  • Mechanism : T Shape
  • Material : Forged brass and multi-coating chrome
  • Removable crown : Yes – Stainless Steel
  • Flow rate at 200 b : 1450 l/min
  • Connection : DIN 300 B or Yoke 232 B
  • Protector : Polyurethane
  • Weight in DIN : 510 g
  • Weight in Yoke : 700 g
  • Optimized MP & HP ports layout : Yes
  • HP ports: 2
  • MP ports : 4
  • Type: Balanced demand valve
  • Mechanism : Down stream poppet
  • Material : Silicone for mouthpiece, diaphragm and exhaust valve – ABSPC for box bottom – Polyurethane for purge cover
  • Cold water : Yes for Supreme version only
  • Venturi adjustment : Yes
  • Cracking effort : 3,3 to 4,3 mbar
  • Weight : Core Supreme 178 g
  • Hose length : 730 mm
  • Specs:
    Number of models 4 models: Core yoke, Core din, Core Supreme yoke, Core Supreme DIN
    Type of first stage Balanced diaphragm design
    Auto-Closure Device (ACD) Yes
    Number of HP ports 2
    Number of MP ports 4
    1st Stage Flow Rate 1450 l/min
    1st Stage Weight in DIN 510 g
    1st Stage Weight in Yoke 700 g
    Environmental Dry Kit On Supreme model only
    First stage exterior Chrome over marine brass
    Type of second stage Pneumatically balanced
    Controls Venturi switch
    Breathing resistance Preset
    Mouthpieces 2ea. – A Comfobite, installed, and a standard with bite wings in the box
    Lip shield On Supreme models only
    Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance Standard on all models
    2nd Stage Weight 175 g
    2nd Stage Weight – Supreme model 178 g
    Hose length 730 mm
    Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores Avg. 0.84 joules/liter
    Nitrox compatible Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box


    Buoyancy compensator devices, or BCDs, are an important type of diving gear. They help divers maintain neutral buoyancy while exploring beneath the water’s surface. Aqua Lung has innovated BCD product options to offer you safety and comfort—wherever you choose to dive.

    Aqua Lung has designed jacket, back, and hybrid inflation BCD products for recreational and professional scuba divers alike. Each BCD incorporates Aqua Lung's innovative technologies to ensure you have everything you need for an enjoyable dive.

    Gain More Control and Safety with a Scuba BCD by Aqua Lung

    Aqua Lung is committed to helping you feel safe and comfortable, regardless of the conditions. We maintain the highest standards of quality and reliability in crafting our buoyancy compensators. Aqua Lung has also incorporated some of our most innovative systems to create BCDs you can rely on:
    • Wrapture Harness – Unsurpassed comfort and stability from keeping the cylinder close to your center of gravity
    • i3 Device – Inflation and deflation at a touch, regardless of body position
    • SureLock II – Secure, quick-release mechanical weight system
    • GripLock Tank Band – Strong secure way to attach the cylinder

    In addition, our BCDs feature a variety of easy to use and thoughtful attachment points and pockets, to keep the right gear accessible while keep you streamlined on your dive.

    Discover More BCD Options with Aqua Lung

    In addition, we’ve tailored selected BCD models to fit women perfectly. These select women’s BCDs hug the contours of the female body with specially curved shoulder straps, side lobes, and torso harness systems that provide better fit.

    Discover how your needs can be met with Aqua Lung buoyancy compensators.